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​House of Mayumi is the home of individuals who aspire to combine the warm and lived-in feel of Modern Bohemian design, and the clean lines, functionality and neutral style of Scandinavian design, in every home and workspace.


It's a cross between maximalism and minimalism bright, patterned and a multicultural mélange of elements tempered with muted colors and simple elements thereby creating an eclectic decor. This design is popularly known as Boho-Scandinavian Design, Scandinavian-Boho, Boho-Scandi or Scandi-Boho. It is achieved by combining earthy colors, different textures and patterns, and different shapes and styles, for a perfect mix-and-match look.

Our shop houses the most carefully curated pieces that will create a carefree, relaxed and unique design. These pieces will help bring culture and life to every space, and mirror Boho chic and Scandinavian simplicity, combined— a style that is truly unique and one that you can make your own. 

House of Mayumi will adorn your abode and bring beauty that matters to you.

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